3 of 5 reasons I started IC Media Strategy: Don’t sell me, tell me

By Ivet Contreras, Founder of IC Media Strategy

I covered hundreds of stories as a reporter. I learned how to ask the right questions, to listen with an open mind, to convey emotion and connect not only with the audience but with the people that opened their hearts and doors to me and trusted me to tell their story right.

I’m a great listener.

And I’m an even better storyteller. [Hence, why I became a journalist]

I also learned how to turn the most seemingly boring story into an interesting one.

Practice makes perfect and it became second nature to me.

More and more people are tuning out the sales pitching and opting to engage with more powerful content.

It may seem ironic that more people at the family table are on their phone instead of interacting with their loved ones, but yet  yearning for human connection. And they are looking for that human connection on social media.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of storytelling and the calling from your consumers or target audience: “Don’t sell me, tell me”

We all have a story to tell. Even if you’re in an industry that (on the surface) doesn’t seem so glamorous, there’s always a story that is interesting to your audience.

But it’s not just about changing your sales pitch to storytelling — it’s also about thinking why your target audience is going to care and how you can visually present it.

While more companies and organizations are changing their strategy, many are still not getting it right.

They are not connecting with their audience and they are not using visual elements like video or images. And to top it off, they are still selling, not telling. 

Reason número tres why IC Media Strategy was born: To get the storytelling done right — the journo way.




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Emmy-nominated TV Reporter turned Communication Strategist

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