2 of 5 reasons I started IC Media Strategy : One size DOES NOT fit ALL.

By Ivet Contreras, IC Media Strategy Founder

“All you have to do is speak Spanish to them and incorporate [stereotypical elements] sombreros and bigotes, oh and tacos into your marketing strategy and you’ve got the Latino audience in your pocket.” – Anonymous


Hispanics are the fastest growing minority consumer group in the U.S., so it makes sense that companies are scrambling to find ways to successfully target their marketing strategies towards them.

Many companies think that replaying a commercial in Spanish equals effective marketing, as if that’s the only difference between Latino and Anglo households. And ALL Latinos are put into one bucket.
While Latinos do share culture, language and history, Latinos as a whole don’t fit any traditional category you try to place them in. One size doesn’t fit all. From pale, white skin to Afro-Caribbean. From those that crossed the border to those that the border crossed them. From those that speak no English at all to those who do not speak a word of Spanish. From those already assimilated in the American culture to the non-assimilate. Educated to non-educated. Baby boomers to Gen-Z—there are plenty of differences within the Hispanic population, and one size definitely does not fit all.

Reason número dos IC Media Strategy was born: to address the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to targeting Latinos. For far too long, agencies have done that not — only with Latinos but other communities of color. The solution? A diverse team.




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Emmy-nominated TV Reporter turned Communication Strategist

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