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Hispanic Strategy, Marketing, Media & Public Outreach

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Who we are.

IC Media Strategy is a bilingual (English & Spanish), full-service digital marketing, video production and public relations firm established in 2018 by Emmy-nominated TV News reporter, Ivet Contreras.

What makes us stand out?

Hispanic Outreach

We are the only agency in Northern Nevada with a focus on Hispanic Strategy/Outreach and with the knowledge and tools to allow your message to reach a larger audience. We carefully craft an all-inclusive strategy that takes skills, experience and cultural understanding to create a strong and meaningful interaction and one that connects with this flourishing community.  We make sure not to make the mistake that many agencies do by using a one-size-fits-all approach when trying to reach the Latino population.  We make sure our approach is authentic and recognizes the different sub-communities.

Why restrict your message to one language, to one culture, to one sector? 

What we do?

We create and execute social media campaigns, earn positive news media coverage and organize press events,  outreach strategies, crisis communications management, expert blogging and produce and edit videos for the digital sphere like social media and websites.  See our list of services for more details.